Our Family Business is also a Business about Families.

County Soda Systems TrucksWe are proud to service the South Florida market. When your establishment needs emergency service, County Soda is prompt and ready to accommodate you with any service issues. Customer service is County Soda’s #1 priority and we are eager to welcome you to our circle of loyal customers.

We are a 4th generation fountain syrup manufacturer and distributor, dating back to the 1930’s. While the equipment and our capabilities have become more advanced, our products and services continue to please audiences at thousands of events and locations each day.

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County Soda Systems was incorporated in 1979 in New York. When we moved our business to Florida, we brought our commitment to customer service with us. Our Pompano Beach facility was established in 1990 to serve South Florida with the quality and consistency we delivered in the Northeast United States.

Our product line has grown over the last 8 decades. From our core business making our original fountain brands, we have added our Pure Maid juice concentrates, energy drinks and frozen cocktail mixes. To ensure that we can provide complete beverage solutions to establishments of any size, we also provide CO2 gases, beer mix, helium and nitrogen throughout the South Florida market.

Alongside our own syrup recipes, we are also a proud distributor of Pepsi Cola products. Tying these product lines together, County Soda provides a complete solution for all your beverage needs, equipment and service.

Thank you for visiting County Soda, we look forward to adding you to our circle of loyal customers.


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