Clubs & Bars

In late night establishments there’s an increased need for expedient service and reliability. Like most restaurants they make most of their profits during a concentrated, busy time during the week. These times are very important for their profit margins and the more guests they’re able to serve during this time, the better this margin will be. That’s why, in such a beverage reliant business as bars and nightclubs, County Soda Systems is the perfect company for all of your beverage needs.


We can provide for all of your beverage needs. Not only do we offer over thirty original flavors, as well as well known Pepsi brands, but we also have a wide selection of beverage dispensing equipment available. From racks & pumps to both K and Q beer mix, County Soda Systems has got your establishment covered.



When you choose us to provide all of your beverage needs you’re placing our powerful service commitment in your corner. At County Soda Systems we feel that service is the most important part of our business. We provide same day quality services to all of our customers – no matter their size. We know that many of our customer’s livelihood depends on sales from beverages and that it’s imperative that these systems and the quality of the beverages remain at a high level.

Service for nightclubs and bars in South Florida is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for refills or repairs.